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Café Millenniumi is a café and a cultural basis located in the city center of Szeged managed by the Catholic Youth Foundation. The Café opened its gates in 2000. During the 15 years of its activity, 3000 programs and events were organized in the institution with the participation of 150 000 people from the city, the Region and abroad as well. The Café has as its main mission to promote and communicate cultural values. It has a wide range of partnerships with several (civil) organizations in Szeged, in the South Region of Hungary and abroad as well (Vojvodina, Romania).

Its main partner is the Katház Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd that implements its colorful program organizing, cultural and educational activity in the neighborhood of the Café.

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Besides the seasonal programs, the Café has had several thematic series of events implemented during the years. For example, a three-year long series is currently in progress, entitledPeace Time, concerning the 100th anniversary of the start of the I. World War.

In the summertime the Café waits the public at an open terrace in the Dugonics Square. It is one of the largest terraces located in the city center of Szeged and it works as a contact point to several municipal and regional programs, such as the Autumn and Spring Cultural Festival, Feast of Books, Day of the City of Szeged, folk dance meetings etc.

Besides the interesting events, the pleasant atmosphere of the Terrace (the nice square and the musical fountain) offers an extraordinary chance to relax and enjoy a café for inhabitants of Szeged and for tourists as well.